Radiology IT Solutions

Enhance your infrastructure performance, efficiency, and security with ProSource’s ROI-driven radiology IT services.

Radiology IT Solutions

Streamline Radiology Workflows Without Compromising Cybersecurity

Enhance your imaging system’s resilience with us – whether it’s simple X-rays or advanced interventional radiology.

Why choose ProSource for radiology IT services?

  • Receive 24/7 IT support to ensure your radiologists have the technical assistance they need whenever they work.
  • Ensure reliable performance and security within your PACS/RIS systems thanks to our support.
  • Allow referring physicians to quickly access patient records securely on a 100% U.S.-hosted server.
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance across your IT systems wherever you store medical imaging data.
  • Verify that we’ll keep all health information secure with a free 10-minute pre-sales audit.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

What Makes ProSource Stand Out

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How ProSource Protects Radiology Information

radiology IT services

Ensure Appropriate Data Retention Periods

Different types of medical images, like mammograms, must be kept indefinitely, while other data retention rules vary based on patient age and specific modalities.

That’s why your radiology center needs an IT partner who understands these differences.

ProSource is one such IT partner. Our expertise ensures that your practice adheres to all legal data retention standards. Thereby, reducing your risk of fines and enhancing your operational success.

Additionally, partnering with us means gaining a proactive ally in maintaining compliance. We keep you ahead of regulatory changes to ensure your data management practices stay up to date.

Keep All Digital Imaging Transmissions Encrypted

Enterprise image transmissions must be encrypted, yet only 56% of businesses fully encrypt all internet connections. Your radiology center can’t afford to miss anything.

ProSource can check all your files to ensure all data is encrypted as per HIPAA standards.

Additionally, if your center uses a caching system where images are downloaded locally to a machine, appropriate security controls should be in place.

ProSource can assess these systems for the required security controls. If any are missing, we can work with you to implement them in a way that makes sense for your team.

Radiology IT Consulting Services
IT Workflow Assessments for Radiology

Uphold Compliance Across Read-at-Home Workstations

Maintaining compliance, security, and proper calibration across read-at-home workstations can be challenging.

Each setup needs specialized software and secure connections to ensure data privacy.

ProSource provides the support needed to ensure compliance across all read-at-home workstations.

We can work with your in-house team or take on the work ourselves – whether it’s maintaining calibrated equipment, securing network connections, and following HIPAA standards to protect patient data while enabling efficient remote diagnostics.

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Radiology IT Consulting Services

IT Workflow Assessments for Radiology

Don’t Let IT Get in The Way of Improving Patient Outcomes

Radiology centers need seamless IT systems to ensure accurate diagnoses, yet managing them can consume valuable time and resources.

ProSource can manage your IT systems so your team can focus on providing quality care. Plus, we’ll help you provide secure access to electronic health records so radiologists can reference them during diagnosis.

We can also centralize workloads in virtual environments to simplify data management and enhance security.

Reduce Potential Interruptions Caused By Technical Difficulties

75% of practices report that some of their radiology readings occur after-hours. So, you probably need an IT support team who can assist these employees.

ProSource offers 24/7 IT support for those who work outside traditional business hours. That’s because we know that healthcare systems can’t afford to fail.

Technical difficulties should never impede imaging informatics. Working with a 24/7 IT support desk that can respond in 25 minutes or less on average is one way to ensure they don’t.

Ensure Your Technology Aligns With Revenue Targets

IT systems that don't align with revenue targets cause radiology centers to miss business goals. Misaligned infrastructure, inefficient workflows, and security gaps create delays and reduce profitability.

At ProSource, we evaluate your center's technology to ensure you meet your targets.

We focus on infrastructure performance, radiologist efficiency, and security. We carefully assess emerging trends to implement solutions with measurable ROI that fit your needs.

Identify Improvements & Reduce Inefficiencies

Radiology relies heavily on IT systems. If these systems or related practices are outdated, it can lead to slower imaging orders, delayed reports, and potential errors.

ProSource can assess your IT workflow to prevent these issues. Our experts review your software, hardware, and network setups.

We also map out data and task flows in each process to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and any other areas of improvement. From there, we’ll provide actionable next steps to help you solve them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does ProSource Handle Software Updates & Maintenance Without Disrupting Clinical Workflows?

ProSource schedules software updates and maintenance during established patching windows that align with non-working hours.

This strategy minimizes any potential disruptions to daily workflows. These windows are also flexible. We can adjust them to varying work schedules as required.

You’re also not limited to the initial windows you provide us. If your working hours change, we’ll change our patching windows accordingly.

How Easy Will It Be For You To Integrate Into Our Existing IT Systems?

Integrating ProSource into your existing IT systems is straightforward due to our custom standards.

We work closely with you to ensure that our hardware and systems align with your budgetary, compliance, and security requirements.

After defining these standards, our team seamlessly integrates with your established internal processes to promote efficient collaboration.

Does ProSource Offer Any IT Training For Radiology?

ProSource provides IT training for radiology staff in co-managed relationships to ensure proficiency with PACS and system RIS.

Our training program helps your staff gain practical skills to manage data effectively and streamline workflows.

We prioritize improving your team's confidence and competency with these systems, so you can enhance your overall radiology operations.

Why Is It Important To Regularly Update Medical Imaging Systems?

Regularly updating medical imaging systems prevents performance problems like reimaging cycles, slow image transmission, and delays in diagnosis.

Such issues can decrease revenue and negatively impact patient care.

ProSource can help you avoid this situation by assessing your system and implementing upgrades based on your specific needs whenever it’s required.

We Need Lossless Compression For Our Images. Can ProSource Handle That?

ProSource can handle your need for lossless image compression. We understand that capturing accurate imagery is crucial for precise diagnoses.

So, we’ve taken the time to learn how to build and manage lossless technology that ensures images are stored, hosted, and transmitted without compromise.

This way, you can be more certain that your images will reflect what's actually happening in a patient’s body.