Cybersecurity for Healthcare Providers

Choosing a managed cybersecurity company with a solid history of success is key to keeping your healthcare data secure and your network running smoothly.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Trust a 100% Onshore Cybersecurity Company to Protect Your Healthcare Information

Patient data is precious. Keep it secure in an onshore cloud server guarded by experts who understand HIPAA.

Why choose ProSource for healthcare cybersecurity?

  • Reduce the potential impact of a data breach by relying on proactive planning and preventative measures.
  • Catch emerging threats before they cause damage thanks to our team’s 24/7 healthcare network monitoring.
  • Migrate to the cloud without compliance fears using our migration consulting and HIPAA-compliant server.
  • Be sure that we’re the right cybersecurity firm for you by taking advantage of our free 10-minute pre-sales audit.
  • Ensure that protected health information stays protected by asking us to enhance your cyber strategy.

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How Healthcare Organizations Benefit

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Stay Ahead of Cyber Attacks With The Right Incident Response Plan

Facing cyber threats in the healthcare industry is a significant challenge. Such threats can disrupt patient care and compromise sensitive information.

At ProSource, we understand the unique challenges faced by the healthcare sector.

Our team works closely with you to develop a comprehensive incident response plan that incorporates cutting-edge threat intelligence.

Our service extends beyond plan development to include training for your staff to ensure they are equipped to execute the plan effectively.

This tailored approach ensures your organization is well-prepared to detect, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents efficiently.

Prevent Highly-Targeted Ransomware Attacks With Our Security Measures

Healthcare organizations are one of the top targets for ransomware. That’s because on average, healthcare organizations are more likely to pay. Your organization doesn’t have to be next.

ProSource employs cybersecurity best practices tailored to prevent such attacks.

Our strategies include robust encryption, conducting regular risk assessments, and ensuring data is backed up in secure, inaccessible locations.

By choosing ProSource, you benefit from a comprehensive defense strategy that minimizes the risk of ransomware attacks. Our expertise ensures your operations remain secure and resilient.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Services
Cybersecurity for Healt

Fill Potential HIPAA-Compliance Gaps Before Your Next Audit

Getting ready for HIPAA compliance checks is stressful. Missing just one detail can cause big problems if found during an audit.

ProSource helps healthcare organizations proactively assess their systems to ensure their compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our approach involves a detailed review of your current practices, identifying any potential compliance gaps, and recommending corrective actions.

Plus, we’ll make sure that we don’t store any private information on our own system. This way, the process itself adheres to HIPAA compliance too.

Protecting Patient Data Protects Patient Care

Your staff needs assurance that patient information is intact and accurate. Managed cybersecurity services can help.

Featured Security Services Fro Healthcare Providers

EHR Security
Secure Virtual Machines
Medical Device Cybersecurity
Disaster Recovery

Streamline Access to Electronic Health Records While Keeping Them Secure

Handling electronic health records (EHR) efficiently is crucial in healthcare. When systems are slow or not optimized for your specific needs, it affects your team's ability to work effectively and protect patient information.

ProSource provides HIPAA-compliant hosting solutions for EHR systems. Our cloud-based services based in Orlando are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of healthcare data management.

We’ll ensure that your EHR system remains secure, compliant, and high-performing.

Provide a Consistent Work Experience Without Compromising Security

Ensuring your team can work from anywhere without risking data security is a big challenge. Accessing data across multiple platforms often means facing security risks, making it hard to maintain both flexibility and protection.

At ProSource, we offer cloud-based virtual machines that don't compromise on security. Your staff can deliver care efficiently and safely, wherever they need to be.

Provide seamless access to patient data while retaining top-notch security and compliance standards.

Protect All Devices Connected to Your Network

Cyber attacks on medical devices increased by 59% in 2022, exposing healthcare networks to increased risks. These attacks can compromise patient safety and data security.

ProSource provides network security solutions designed to shield every medical device connected to your healthcare network.

Our protective measures stop compromised devices from harming your network and prevent network issues from impacting connected medical devices.

Preserve Your Data Integrity No Matter What Happens

Thinking about the worst-case scenario is uncomfortable but necessary. The impact of data loss or corruption can interrupt vital healthcare operations. That’s why you need to plan ahead.

ProSource offers backup and disaster recovery solutions designed with the healthcare sector in mind. Ensure that patient data is always protected, whatever happens.

We’ll also work with you to create a tailored recovery plan so you won’t be caught off guard.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity FAQ

Why Choose a Cybersecurity Solution For Healthcare Instead of a General One?

Choosing a cybersecurity solution designed for healthcare ensures compliance with specific regulations like HIPAA. These solutions address unique challenges in protecting sensitive patient information.

Unlike general cybersecurity options, specialized solutions offer robust defenses against healthcare-targeted threats.

While many general cybersecurity companies also advertise compliance and industry expertise, a healthcare-focused company will take that one step further.

Why Do Hackers Target The Healthcare Industry?

Hackers target the healthcare industry because it holds valuable data, including personal health information, financial details, and possibly social security numbers.

This information can be sold on the dark web or used for identity theft and fraud.

Additionally, healthcare systems often have vulnerabilities due to outdated technology and the need for uninterrupted service, making them appealing targets for ransomware.

What Do Hackers Gain From Stealing Medical Records?

Hackers can use stolen medical records to create fake identities for buying medical equipment or medications for illegal resale.

Additionally, personal health information can be leveraged in targeted phishing attacks or blackmail schemes.

Hackers may not be using the records for these purposes themselves. Often, they are financially motivated to sell these records to others who intend to use them for these purposes.

How Often Do Hospitals Get Hacked?

In the US in 2023, hospitals experienced an average of 2 cyber incidents per day. Each of these 2 incidents saw an average of 500 records compromised, totaling in an average of 364,571 breached healthcare records daily.

Despite being a highly-regulated industry, this happens because hackers see healthcare as a valuable target. Therefore, they’re spending more time trying to get around strict security measures.

This emphasizes your need for adaptable experts protecting your records.

What Are the Most Common Cyber Threats to Healthcare?

The most common cyber threats to healthcare include:

  • Ransomware attacks: because healthcare organizations are more likely to pay.
  • Phishing scams: because employees in healthcare often handle sensitive information.
  • Insider threats: due to healthcare staff’s high access to sensitive information.
  • Attacks on medical devices: they’re attractive targets for hackers looking to exploit network vulnerabilities.