Providing managed IT for global connectivity

Keeping up with clients and changes in tax code should be a CPA firm’s primary job, not keeping up with the applications and systems that can improve efficiency.

When it comes to the financial world, even technology moves fast. Keeping up with clients and changes in tax code should be a CPA firm’s primary job, not keeping up with the applications and systems that can improve efficiency.

Streamlined workflows and automated processes

In 2008, CPA Solutions came to ProSource with a request: take the stress out of IT decisions and help them deliver their services more efficiently and more effectively. With applications and technology constantly evolving, accounting firms have to stay on the cutting edge, but managing hardware, software, applications, and telephony is a full-time job. Further, with employees and clients in multiple countries, ensuring reliable and secure connections when handling sensitive financial data was vital. While some CPA firms were struggling to stay ahead of technology to consistently deliver accurate and reliable services, CPA solutions was partnering with ProSource to put them ahead of the competition.

After building a solid partnership and developing a keen understanding of CPA Solutions’ business and industry, ProSource made the suggestion to move to the cloud. “With the cloud, we don’t miss a beat. Even when COVID hit, we were prepared. We had so much more flexibility for employees. It’s been 7-8 years now, and it’s the best decision we made,” notes Dalia Cantor, CPA and Owner of CPA Solutions.

ProSource also identified a full range of opportunities CPA Solutions could leverage to better connect their team, facilitating not only communication but also file access and collaboration. It also opened the doors to allowing Cantor to find the best employees available, broadening the talent pool. “I can add employees from anywhere. Finding talent has been one of our biggest challenges, so I can source the talent from anywhere. They can work remotely and securely access all our systems. It’s been a great help,” adds Cantor.

With employees and clients in multiple countries and onboarding and offboarding requiring technology to facilitate the process, connections have to be secure. The technology provided by ProSource removes geographical boundaries and enables it all.

— Dalia Cantor, Founder & CEO

Professional services for those delivering and serving professional services

CPA Solutions predominantly provides accounting solutions for those in professional service industries such as healthcare, legal, dental, and veterinary offices, though they have other clients as well. Those professional services, however, mean that the services CPA solutions provide must be reliable and available on demand. Further, because of regulatory compliance, the security they provide must also be stringent, during use, transmission, and storage of data assets.

Having ProSource step in and manage all aspects of their IT gives CPA Solutions peace of mind. It’s one less thing to worry about. “ProSource has become an integral part of our organization, no doubt about it. Between the cloud, servers, applications, phone and internet support, well, we can’t do without it,” says Cantor.

Working with the firm, the ProSource team was able to understand their workflows and application needs. In response to their specific needs, ProSource vetted the multiple tax applications (Lacerte, QuickBooks, UltraTax), examining application interoperability to determine the best desktop replacement for CPA Solutions to work within the cloud.

Through this process, ProSource was able to identify the repetitive tasks that could be automated resulting in approximately 50 hours of work per week being saved while relieving a significant administrative burden. “If it had not been for ProSource and the leadership team who put nuts and bolts together for our IT infrastructure and system,” asserts the Owner, “we could not have done this.”

Given the evolving nature of the applications and technology that support their accounting needs, ProSource has been able to provide a seamless experience with the kind of reliability required for the industry and the clients. But it’s not just about finding any partner; it’s about finding a tech partner who understands your business, your vision, and ties their success to yours. Cantor acknowledges, “Having ProSource available, meaning the customer service, has been amazing. We always get someone on the phone right away. Issues are handled efficiently and fast.”

Managed IT services provide a simplified solution

One of the biggest challenges to finding a solution for a firm with industry specific needs and standards, as well as a geographically dispersed clientele and workforce, is ensuring that all systems work together cohesively. With collaboration, communication, and connectivity coming at the forefront, having ProSource fully manage all aspects of their IT in their offices ensures a seamless experience for everyone.

ProSource handles voice services that include a soft-phone so they can take and make calls from anywhere as well as all of the IT for their offices, staff, and cloud. All the services work in a homogeneous way that builds confidence in their services and allows their team to spend less time worrying about IT and more time focusing on client needs.


  • Enables service to clients in 6 different countries
  • Connects employees working in 3 countries outside the U.S.
  • Provides fast and reliable global access to systems and data
  • Relieved over 50 hours of weekly administrative tasks through automation and streamlined workflows