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Enhance your business processes while reducing costs by working with our experienced outsourced IT team.

IT Outsourcing in Orlando, Florida

Outsource Your IT in Orlando to Our 100% U.S-Based Technology Experts

Many companies outsource their staff from far distances. When you outsource ProSource, you get a 100% local team.

Why choose ProSource for IT outsourcing?

  • Quickly see incredible cost savings when you let our dedicated team enhance your IT without the overhead.
  • Trust our experts to be there for you whenever you need us, our service desk is available 24/7/365.
  • Don’t be left on hold, hear back from a live IT support agent in 25 minutes on average when you need one.
  • Start using our optimized cloud solution for up to 30 projects in as little as 10 days.
  • Be sure that we’re the right IT team for you by testing us with a free 10-minute pre-sales IT audit.

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IT Outsourcing Services in Orlando, FL

Orlando IT Outsourcing: When You Can Count on the Numbers

Years of combined technical experience
US-based customers rely on us
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Orlando's IT Outsourced Services: What We Can Handle for You

IT Management

Maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with our expert management of all your technology systems, promising operational excellence.

Co-Managed IT

Enhance your IT team's capabilities by integrating our experts. We’ll help manage your technology stacks and cloud architecture effectively.

IT Consulting

Unlock precise IT project scopes, attainable goals, and predictable budgeting with our consulting services—all at a simple monthly fixed fee.

Network Monitoring

Prevent operational disruptions with our proactive network monitoring, offering real-time issue identification and swift remediation.

Technical Support

Rely on our 24/7 IT support desk, always ready to assist your team, no matter the time zone or location, ensuring continuous productivity.

Managed Security Services

Safeguard your business from cyber threats like ransomware and phishing with our continuous vigilance, advanced security, and employee training.

Cloud Services

Streamline your IT workloads and secure business data on our user-friendly, U.S.-based server that ensures efficient and safe connections.

Application Hosting

Boost your business processes with our application hosting services. We offer tailored solutions for QuickBooks, SaaS, and other client/server apps.

VoIP Services

Transform your communications with our managed VoIP services seamlessly handling security, maintenance, and updates on your behalf.

IT Outsourcing in Orlando, Florida

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 Top Advantages of IT Outsourcing in Orlando From ProSource

Orlando IT Outsourcing

Outsource Your IT Processes Without Compliance Concerns

If you’re in a highly-regulated industry, outsourcing your IT management might make you nervous. How can you be sure that your outsourced IT team can follow all your compliance requirements and uphold them in the long term?

When you choose ProSource, that won’t be an issue. We’re a uniquely compliance-focused IT outsourcing firm. After all, 91% of businesses need to follow compliance regulations in some capacity.

We’re experienced with:

  • NIST
  • FTC

If your compliance regulation isn’t listed here, don’t worry. Our experts are quickly learners who can easily adapt to anything you need to follow.

Only Pay For What You Need – Not For What You Won’t Use

Many businesses find themselves paying for IT services they never use, leading to unnecessary expenses. This common issue can inflate your operational costs without adding value.

With ProSource, you can say goodbye to wasted expenditures. Our consumption-based pricing model for IT services means you only pay for what you use. We focus first on enhancing your security posture for the initial 6 months.

Following that, we shift our efforts towards automating your business processes to drive meaningful outcomes. This approach ensures that your spending on IT contributes directly to efficiency and innovation.

IT Outsourcing Services in Orlando, FL
IT outsourcing

Stay on The Cutting-Edge of Information Technology By Outsourcing Our Team

Many businesses find themselves spending a significant portion of their revenue, an average of 6.9%, on IT. This expenditure often exceeds what is necessary to meet their needs.

ProSource offers a solution to this challenge with our consumption-based pricing model. This approach ensures you only pay for the IT resources you actually use, making it a cost-effective choice.

For the first 6 months, we focus on enhancing your security posture. Then, we shift our focus towards automating business processes to drive efficiency and innovation.

This strategy ensures we optimize your investment to support real growth and innovation.

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Orlando Outsourced IT Services FAQs: Expert Answers for Your Business

What Are The Benefits of IT Outsourcing Beyond Cost Reductions?

IT outsourcing goes beyond just cutting costs. It grants you access to specialized skills and the latest technologies, keeping your business at the forefront of technological advances.

This strategy allows your team to concentrate on your core operations as external experts manage your IT demands.

It boosts efficiency, minimizes downtime risks, and promotes a proactive stance towards IT challenges. Moreover, outsourcing offers scalability, making it easier for your IT setup to grow with your business.

Will Outsourcing ProSource Replace My In-House Teams?

Outsourcing to ProSource does not necessarily mean replacing your in-house teams. We can either act as your stand-in IT department or work alongside your existing IT staff.

Having us will help you expand your capabilities without overburdening your employees. Our goal is to complement your current operations, offering additional support and expertise where needed.

What Size of Companies Does ProSource Usually Work With?

ProSource primarily works with growing small- and medium-sized businesses, typically those with 20 to 250 seats.

However, our services extend beyond this range to accommodate companies at different stages of growth.

We can customize our technology solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring we can assist your business in scaling effectively.

What Industries Does ProSource Serve?

ProSource serves a wide range of industries, from healthcare and finance to engineering and manufacturing.

Our team's extensive experience allows us to provide customized IT solutions tailored to the unique challenges of any sector.

We are open to working with businesses from all industries, even if we are new to your industry.

Can I Adjust My Services If My Needs Change?

You can adjust your services with ProSource as your business and IT needs change. Our consumption-based model offers the flexibility to scale your IT services up or down based on your evolving business requirements.

We are committed to tailoring our solutions to meet new demands quickly, ensuring your IT infrastructure remains aligned with your business objectives.