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IT Helpdesk in Orlando, Florida

If Your Team Works Round-The-Clock, Your IT Helpdesk in Orlando Needs To Be 24/7

Otherwise, how can your overnight staff get the IT assistance they need when they need it?

Why choose ProSource as your IT helpdesk?

  • Quickly hear back from a live agent, our support team has an average response time of less than 25 minutes.
  • Let our 100% U.S.-based team handle requests and provide consistently high-quality support services.
  • Get the right advice from the right experts, our service desk employs agents with a wide range of skill sets.
  • Be sure that we’re the best IT desk solution for you after our free 10-minute pre-sales technology audit.
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade IT service without the enterprise-grade price tag.

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IT Helpdesk in Orlando, FL

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How Our IT Helpdesk Helps Orlando Businesses

IT Helpdesk Services in Orlando, Florida

Enjoy a Single-Point-of-Contact For All Your IT Needs

Dealing with IT problems often means getting bounced around from one support team to another.

This not only wastes your time but also makes resolving issues a challenge. Every time you’re transferred, you have to explain your problem again.

The ProSource IT helpdesk offers a single-point-of-contact. With us, you avoid the endless cycle of transfers and repeated explanations.

Centralizing your support to ProSource means faster resolution times and more effective communication.

Our helpdesk employs a wide range of experts, so we’ll probably be able to pair you with someone who has solved your issue before.

Get Your Ticket Volume Under Control

The average company deals with 17,630 support tickets per month. This overwhelming flow of requests can quickly bog down your IT department.

At ProSource, we aim to cut down this excessive load by tackling the root causes of your IT challenges, not just the symptoms. Unlike other helpdesks that may apply quick fixes, our strategy focuses on long-term solutions.

That means that recurring IT issues are less likely to continue, and other possible issues get solved before they become problems.

This leads to smoother operations, less stress for your IT team, and more time to focus on strategic projects.

T Helpdesk, Florida
T Helpdesk

Keep Your Software Applications Up and Running

Relying on software tools from third-party vendors is common for businesses, but getting the support you need when problems with them arise can be a challenge.

The ProSource helpdesk stands ready to bridge this gap. Our expert team is equipped to handle a variety of issues with your software tools. If a direct fix is beyond our reach, we guide you through the next steps.

We also offer versatile application hosting services that include SaaS and client/server applications. You can talk to us about how we can tailor these solutions to prevent future issues.

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Compliance-Informed Service
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Receive Better Helpdesk Service & Get Better Answers

Feeling like just another ticket number when you seek support adds to the frustration of facing technical issues. This impersonal experience fails to address your unique needs, leaves you feeling overlooked, and leaves you underserved.

At ProSource, we see you as more than a ticket number. Our technicians focus on asking the right questions and listening intently.

This tailored approach ensures we get your specific concerns and preferences, which leads to more accurate and effective solutions.

Make The Ticketing Process Much Smoother

Facing delays because your support request didn't quickly reach the right expert is inconvenient and an unnecessary time sink. Without a structured system, most helpdesks take 20.5 hours to open a new ticket.

ProSource streamlines this process with our structured ticketing system. We ensure your requests are promptly directed to the experts best suited to address them.

This method produces faster resolutions and significantly reduces wait times.

All Information You Send to Us Stays Secure

Entrusting sensitive information without assurance of its protection is a valid concern, especially if you work in a highly-regulated industry.

The ProSource helpdesk is uniquely equipped to protect your information according to your specific compliance requirements.

That means that any information you send to us will remain protected under your compliance requirements whenever it's necessary. Just tell us what you need to follow and we'll do the same.

Get Support For Almost Any Technology Need

Juggling different helpdesks for various technology needs leads to inefficiency and frustration. It also complicates what should be a fairly simple process.

ProSource stands out by offering experts with deep knowledge across a broad spectrum of technology areas. We provide an all-in-one helpdesk solution, ensuring you receive seamless support for all your technology needs.

Choose ProSource for a streamlined experience. Our all-in-one support model ensures you get efficient, effective assistance.

Orlando IT Helpdesk FAQs: Quick Answers to Your Support Questions

What’s The Difference Between IT Support & an IT Helpdesk?

IT support covers a wide range of services including troubleshooting, maintenance, and consulting to ensure your technology works smoothly.

An IT helpdesk, on the other hand, is a focused service providing immediate assistance and answers to users' tech issues, often through a ticketing system or direct contact.

While IT support offers broader, strategic solutions, the IT helpdesk deals with day-to-day problems and queries.

Is ProSource’s IT Helpdesk Just For Business Use?

ProSource's IT helpdesk is primarily for business use, as we are a B2B company focused on meeting the professional IT needs of businesses.

We do provide support for personal devices, but only when they are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices connected to the network of a current client.

This approach allows us to align our services closely with the operational and strategic IT needs of businesses.

What’s the Point of Having Both IT Support Services and an IT Helpdesk?

Combining IT support services with an IT helpdesk provides your business with a full range of tech management solutions.

This setup not only swiftly tackles immediate technical problems, minimizing downtime and improving user experience, but also strategically enhances your technological infrastructure.

This dual approach optimizes efficiency, fosters innovation, and ensures your business is well-prepared for future technological advancements and challenges.

Will ProSource Support All of My End-Users or Just My System Admins?

ProSource extends support to all users within your network, not just the system admins.

This ensures that everyone, from your team members facing day-to-day technical challenges to those managing your overall IT infrastructure, receives the assistance they need.

Our goal is to help you maintain seamless operations across your organization and ensure all users have access to prompt and effective tech assistance.

I Need Help Now. Where Can I Find It?

If you're a current ProSource client and need immediate assistance, please email [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1 888-948-7767.

For local calls, dial 1 407-401-9259. For technical support, press 1, or for after-hours IT support, press 5.

If you're not yet a client but interested in our services, we encourage you to contact us to begin the onboarding process.