IT Support for Engineering

Reliable IT ensures engineers have the bandwidth and storage they need for effective team collaboration – you need a support team to help make that happen.

IT Support for Engineering Firms

Be Certain That Your IT Will Move Your Projects Forward, Not Stall Them

Engineering firms need more than standard IT support. Trust ProSource to provide the advanced services that you need.

Why choose ProSource for engineering IT support?

  • Save money on project collaboration by uploading up to 30 projects to our cloud solution in just 10 days.
  • Meet your business goals faster by reducing the complexity of the IT systems you need to work.
  • Count on 24/7 IT support availability so no technical glitch puts your latest project behind schedule.
  • Protect your intellectual property with data encryption measures that allow secure remote collaboration.
  • Try our no cost 10-minute pre-sales audit to find out how we can help before you sign any contracts.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

What Makes ProSource Stand Out

Uptime guarantee for cloud computing
Years of combined technical experience
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Why Engineering Industry-Specific IT Support is Ideal For You

IT Support for Engineering

Big Data Doesn’t Have to Mean Big Problems

Engineering companies are responsible for managing large volumes of data and ensuring accuracy in complex data analytics.

Errors in data handling can result in significant financial losses, given the narrow profit margins typical in engineering projects.

ProSource’s IT support can help your firm manage this challenge.

Our services streamline the management and analysis of big data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your projects. We offer customized solutions including real-time analytics and secure data storage.

Additionally, we offer proactive monitoring and a dedicated helpdesk to swiftly address any unexpected challenges.

Discover How Microsoft 365 Can Better Support Your Engineering Projects

Effective data sharing is essential. 86% of engineers share data among all project stakeholders and you need the right tools to keep their work efficient.

ProSource’s support can enhance how engineering firms use Microsoft 365 to improve project management and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 streamlines IT, enables effective remote work, and provides scalable solutions that grow with your needs. We can show you how to use it for all of those purposes and more.

Moreover, ProSource’s strategic planning offers a 30% reduction in Office 365 license fees without sacrificing functionality. That means you can improve collaboration for less.

engineering IT support
IT Support For The Engineering Sector

We Maintain Network Uptime So You Can Maintain Productivity

Engineering projects rely heavily on continuous collaboration. That’s why reliable and fast IT networks are crucial for project success.

At ProSource, we prioritize keeping your network running smoothly. Our IT support includes rigorous network monitoring and management to prevent downtime.

We identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate, ensuring your network supports critical project demands without interruption.

Additionally, our team is skilled in quick problem resolution, which means less downtime and more productivity for your engineering projects.

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Featured Support Services For Engineering Firms

24/7 Support
Compliance-Forward Service
IT Strategy Support
Disaster Recovery

Engineers May Work Late Hours, We’ll Be There For All of Them

It’s not uncommon for engineers to work more than 40 hours a week, especially if there’s a big project due. Usually, that means your team could be working well into the evening.

For those sleepless nights, ProSource’s 24/7 IT support will be there to help your team solve any IT issues that may impact their productivity.

If your engineers are working into the night, they need assurance that IT issues won’t halt their progress. We can provide that assurance.

Ensure That Any Protected Data You Use Stays Protected

When you contact IT support, you may have to allow IT technicians into systems that hold highly protected data. Depending on the nature of your project, that protection could have legal implications.

That’s why choosing ProSource’s uniquely compliance-forward IT support is ideal. We’re well-versed in various compliance standards and happy to learn about yours if we don’t know it already.

This way, you can have peace of mind if you ever need to give us access to your IT systems.

Boost Your Bottom Line By Optimizing Your IT Strategy

Many engineering firms struggle as their IT infrastructure fails to scale with growth, leading to increased costs and delays. Notably, 38% of digital transformation projects fail at the scaling phase.

ProSource can help you gear your IT strategy toward scalability. As a result, you can enjoy higher performance technology and increased storage on-demand that will grow as the size of your projects do.

Our support also ensures seamless integrations to enhance productivity and reduce downtime.

Quickly Get Back on Track if Issues Arise

Data loss is a critical situation in engineering. These setbacks can derail timelines, jeopardize data integrity, and impact project outcomes.

At ProSource, we understand the critical nature of quick recovery. Our disaster recovery and data backup services ensure that your projects rebound swiftly and your data remains intact.

We prioritize maintaining data integrity to prevent corrupted data from affecting your projects. Keep your operations resilient and your projects on schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does ProSource Handle Hardware & Software Updates for Engineering-Specific Applications?

ProSource ensures that hardware and software updates for engineering-specific applications are timely and efficient.

We coordinate with application vendors whenever we can to rigorously test updates in a controlled environment prior to deployment.

This strategy helps minimize disruptions, maintain performance, and ensure security for the applications crucial to your engineering operations.

Can ProSource Manage IT Requirements for Large-Scale Engineering Projects?

ProSource is fully equipped to manage IT requirements for large-scale engineering projects. Our team has extensive experience in providing robust IT support and infrastructure tailored to the needs of large projects.

We’ll ensure seamless integration and scalability of services to support the complex demands of your engineering operations as project volume increases.

What Kind of Hardware Support Do You Provide for Engineering Workstations?

ProSource provides comprehensive hardware support for engineering workstations. We offer on-premise network setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting services to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Our support also includes regular system performance assessments and upgrades as needed to keep pace with industry advancements and your project demands. All with no additional effort on your part.

How Can IT Support Services Help Reduce Operational Costs for Engineering Projects?

IT support services can significantly reduce operational costs for engineering projects by optimizing system performance and minimizing downtime.

Proactive maintenance strategies and real-time monitoring detect issues early, preventing costly repairs and extensive downtime.

Efficient resource management and streamlined processes further contribute to cost savings, ensuring projects stay within budget and resources are used effectively.

How Do Cloud Services Benefit Engineering Firms?

Cloud services benefit engineering firms by providing scalable and flexible IT resources that can easily adjust to project demands.

These services facilitate collaboration across geographically dispersed teams by enabling real-time data sharing and communication.

Additionally, cloud storage ensures data integrity and security, reducing the risks associated with data loss and enabling efficient disaster recovery solutions.