Healthcare Managed IT Services

Healthcare organizations need a HIPAA-compliant managed services partner. If you’re on this page, you’ve found one!

Managed IT Provider for Healthcare Organizations

Trust a Specialized Managed IT Provider That Really Knows the Healthcare Industry

Focus on improving patient care by leaving your healthcare technology to a team with a combined 80 years experience.

Why choose ProSource to get healthcare managed IT?

  • Reduce the risk of disruptions during patient visits thanks to our 99.9% cloud uptime guarantee.
  • Host EMR systems securely with our NIST- & HIPAA-compliant hosting services.
  • Protect patient data with our unified threat management and encryption services.
  • Get rapid IT support responses within 25 minutes to improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Facilitate significant practice growth from a single office to multiple locations with our assistance.

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Uptime guarantee for cloud computing
Years of combined technical experience
Day exit policy without penalties for cloud-based services

Featured Healthcare-Focused IT Services

Healthcare IT

Enhance patient care and operate more efficiently by leveraging IT services that were designed to optimize your practice’s performance while controlling costs.

EMR Hosting

Accelerate your EMR system by choosing our hosting services, and provide your staff members a consistently fast and reliable tool.

Application Hosting

Maximize efficiency in your healthcare operations with our tailored application hosting services that ensure seamless patient care.

Data Protection

Fortify your practice and boost patient trust by enhancing data protection with our comprehensive audits and compliance-obsessed standards.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Protect your healthcare practice against data loss with our disaster recovery, ensuring fast data recovery and minimal downtime.

Technical Support Services

Stay ahead in healthcare technology with our expert technical support optimizing your IT systems to enhance care delivery and operational efficiency.

Healthcare-Informed Security

Maximize uptime and secure patient data with our healthcare-informed security services ensuring effective visits and full HIPAA compliance for all PHI.

Managed Cloud Services

Transform your data storage with our managed cloud services, offering scalable solutions and instant access to healthcare records, all while saving valuable office space.

Microsoft 365

Facilitate your transition from G-Suite to Microsoft 365 with us, leading to enhanced compliance and scalability that supports your practice’s expansion.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare

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How We’ll Help Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Operations

Healthcare Managed IT Services

Reduce Long-Term Operational Costs

IT expenses can consume about 4% of a healthcare facility’s total operating expenses.This amount can add up, and potentially divert funds from patient care and facility improvements.

With ProSource, you can significantly reduce that financial burden. Our services enhance cost savings by optimizing technology use, which in turn lowers overall operational costs.

By partnering with us, you can allocate more resources to patient care rather than IT management.

We also provide IT consulting services that can help you procure new information technology for the best industry rates. Count on us to make your practice more cost-effective.

Adapt to HIPAA Regulations More Easily

Staying compliant with HIPAA regulations is a major challenge for many healthcare providers. Constant updates and the complexity of these regulations can too easily lead to gaps in compliance.

ProSource helps you navigate this complexity with ease. Our services include detailed assessments of your current processes and systems that allow us to identify any compliance gaps, and implement targeted measures to address them.

We also stay on top of HIPAA regulations to ensure you stay up-to-date with any changes. This proactive approach provides peace of mind that your operations are compliant with current standards.

healthcare managed IT
Healthcare Managed IT Services

Simplify Access to Patient Records When You Need Them Most

The increasing time demands that physicians face leave little room for them to search for patient records.

Yet, having these documents remains essential. 65% of physicians report that timely access to patient histories makes a significant difference in care.

ProSource offers a solution with cloud-based EMR hosting that enables doctors to access patient records anytime, anywhere.

This innovation frees doctors from the constraints of physical files and desktop computers, allowing them to focus on patient care with the flexibility they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Managed IT Services Help Healthcare Providers Ensure That They Are Compliant With Industry Regulations?

Managed IT services help healthcare providers stay compliant with HIPAA by monitoring systems for security vulnerabilities and ensuring data management practices align with regulations.

We identify potential compliance issues early, provide updates, and train staff on the latest compliance standards. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of violations and enhances patient trust.

My Practice Needs to Follow Other Regulations, Not Just HIPAA. Can ProSource Help?

At ProSource, we specialize in helping practices meet various regulations, not just HIPAA. Our expertise extends to NIST, PCI-DSS, FTC, CMMC, DoD, and GDPR compliance.

If the regulation you need to follow isn't listed, there's no need to worry. Our extensive experience equips us to quickly adapt to and become familiar with any new regulations.

How Can Healthcare Providers Measure The ROI of Managed IT Services?

Healthcare providers can measure the ROI of managed IT services by evaluating several key factors.

First, see how much money you save when IT problems are fixed quickly and your system doesn't go down as often. Check if your team is getting more done in less time, especially regarding patient record management and day-to-day office tasks.

Finally, think about if your patients seem happier and more trusting because your IT works well.

Why Should My Healthcare Practice Migrate to The Cloud?

Cloud computing offers greater reliability, convenience, and security compared to traditional offline solutions.

It ensures your patient data is accessible anytime, anywhere, which facilitates better coordination among your team. However, this will not come at the expense of security.

In fact, cloud services often come with enhanced security measures that protect sensitive patient information more effectively.

What Else Should a Healthcare Provider Look For in IT Services?

When a healthcare provider is considering IT services, beyond the obvious factors like compliance, cybersecurity, and IT support, they should also look for scalability, interoperability, and proactive innovation.

Scalability ensures the IT infrastructure can grow with the practice, avoiding the need for frequent, costly upgrades.

Interoperability is crucial for seamless communication between different healthcare systems and devices.

Proactive innovation means the IT service is constantly seeking ways to integrate new technologies that can enhance efficiency.