EMR Hosting Solutions

Modern physicians rely on electronic medical records (EMR) to keep track of patient data. Enhance adaptability by using cloud services to ensure your system meets their needs.

EMR Hosting Solutions

Deliver High-Quality Patient Care to More Patients in Less Time & For Less Cost

With the right EMR hosting solution, your physicians will be able to collaborate and make critical decisions faster without compromising quality.

Why choose ProSource for EMR hosting?

  • Meet and exceed HIPAA-compliance requirements with our unsurpassed data security measures.
  • Consistently uphold the integrity of all patient records thanks to our 24/7 system monitoring and support.
  • Host your EMR records on our private data center in Orlando that supports public, private, or hybrid cloud workloads.
  • Ensure your EMR system meets other compliance regulations, not just HIPAA, with our tailored approach for most EMR tools.
  • Keep all your EMR-related hardware and software up-to-date by leaving that work to us.

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EMR Hosting Services

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Why The Healthcare Industry Trusts ProSource

EMR Hosting Solutions

Reduce Capital Expenditures Without Hardware Requirements

Upgrading from paper-based records to an EMR system sometimes means investing in expensive server hardware. This necessity can strain budgets, especially for smaller healthcare practices.

At ProSource, we understand these challenges and offer a cloud-based EMR hosting service that eliminates the need for costly server hardware.

By shifting to our cloud platform, healthcare providers can reduce both upfront investments and maintenance costs.

Additionally, our service ensures secure, easy access to patient records from anywhere, at any time.You can trust that patient information stays safe and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Avoid System Crashes & Performance Issues

System crashes and performance issues can halt healthcare services, cause delays, and lead to staff frustration.

ProSource actively manages and optimizes all hosted EMR systems to prevent downtime.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure your system operates smoothly, eliminating crashes and boosting performance. By choosing our service, healthcare providers can focus on patient care without worrying about system reliability.

With ProSource, you gain a partner committed to optimizing your EMR system’s performance and reliability. Trust us to keep your systems efficient, secure, and operational.

EMR Hosting Services
EMR hosting

Enhance Care by Streamlining Access to Patient Records

If access to patient records is slow, it can cause delays in care. Patients feel these delays, and perceive it as a dip in service quality.

Impressively, 45% of patients report an increase in the quality of care after their healthcare providers adopt an EMR system.

However, you still need to be strategic about where you host your system to ensure smooth data flow.

Opting for ProSource means choosing to enhance your healthcare services. Our EMR hosting simplifies access to patient records, helping providers offer better, more efficient care.

We do this by leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure fast, secure, user-friendly access to essential medical information.

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Disaster Recovery

Be Sure That Your Data Center Is Meeting Your Needs

Too often, EMR systems often fall short of healthcare practices' expectations. If your resources aren’t aligned with the unique needs of your practice, you may face operational inefficiencies and user frustration.

ProSource’s EMR optimization services are designed to improve the efficiency of your EMR systems. We’ll do the work to ensure your data center aligns perfectly with the demands of your healthcare practice.

Enjoy a more streamlined, effective EMR system that supports your daily operations.

Adjust to Patient Volumes in Real-Time

As any healthcare provider knows, patient volumes can fluctuate quickly. Flu seasons happen, new patients register, and individual needs can increase at any time.

That’s why you need a flexible EMR system that can immediately adjust to changing volumes.

ProSource's EMR hosting solutions utilize elastic computing to dynamically adjust resources to meet demand. This means healthcare providers can scale up for high patient volumes or scale down during quieter times.

Streamline Every Healthcare Workflow With EMR

Disjointed record-keeping complicates healthcare workflows. This fragmentation leads to difficulties in data access that may disrupt patient care.

ProSource's EMR hosting service is designed to seamless integrate with other digital health systems. Our hosting solutions can support:

  • Patient charts
  • Appointment scheduling
  • ePrescribing
  • Medical billing
  • Online booking

With us, healthcare practices can achieve a more fluid, efficient workflow that improves both patient care and administrative operations.

Add an Extra Layer of Security & Meet HIPAA Standards

Healthcare organizations must backup patient health data daily and store the copies in a secure, off-site location by HIPAA requirements.

ProSource offers secure, geographically dispersed data storage and backup solutions, so you can ensure that all patient information is always recoverable.

You can backup data on our 100% Orlando, Florida-based secure cloud server. Our server also aligns with HIPAA standards, so you won’t have to worry about any violations you can’t control.

Our Other IT Services for Healthcare

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support

EMR Hosting Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Difference Between EMR Hosting & EHR Hosting?

The terms EMR and EHR are often used interchangeably. However, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) recognizes the two as separate.

According to the ONC, EMRs are digital versions of the paper charts in a clinician's office. EHRs are designed to be shared across various healthcare settings and contain comprehensive health records from all providers involved in a patient’s care.

ProSource can help you with both EMR and EHR systems.

Is an EMR System an ERP System?

An EMR system is not an ERP system. EMR management may be an extension of some ERP tools’ functionalities.

For this reason, you can’t guarantee that you will be able to organize your EMRs well simply because you have an ERP system.

Unless your ERP was designed for this purpose, you will likely need to seek out a different system for your EMR management needs.

What Is Server-Based EMR?

Server-based EMR systems store patient data on physical servers located within a healthcare organization's premises.

This contrasts with cloud-hosted solutions, where data is stored and managed by a third-party provider over the internet.

The main advantage of server-based EMR systems is direct control over data security and management processes.

The choice between server-based and cloud-based solutions depends on your organization's resources, scalability needs, and preferences for data control and access.

What Are The Limitations of EMR Software?

The benefits of EMR outweigh its limitations. However, there are some limitations to be aware of. These include:

  • It can be expensive to set up and keep running, which can be hard for smaller doctor's offices.
  • Staff need training, which can disrupt their usual work.
  • It might be hard to share patient information with others when needed if all systems don't work well together.
  • Staff might spend less time talking directly to patients.

Do EMR Systems Need The Internet to Work?

You will need the internet if you opt for a cloud-based EMR system. If you choose a server-based EMR system, you won’t need an internet connection. However, you will still need an internal network.

Choosing between server-based and cloud-based systems depends on a healthcare provider's specific needs and infrastructure capacity.