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Leverage our 80+ years of combined IT experience and get exceptional support from a team of fully certified, 100% U.S.-based IT professionals.

IT Company in Orlando, Florida

Leverage Incredible IT Solutions that Skyrocket Your Business’ Success

Implement the same advanced technologies as Fortune 500 companies—without the huge price tag!

Why choose ProSource as your IT company in Orlando?

  • Maximize your IT budget by only paying for what you use, courtesy of our consumption-based pricing model
  • Get a free,10-minute pre-sales security audit so you can understand your unique risk profile and how we would address your unique needs.
  • Receive IT support in 25 minutes or less so that you and your team can get back to winning
  • Start using our integrated cloud solutions for as many as 30 separate projects, all in just 10 business days
  • Enjoy consistent, reliable support from a 100% U.S.-based team

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IT Company in Orlando, FL

Orlando IT Company: Why We Do What We Do

Uptime guarantee for cloud computing
Years of combined technical experience
Day exit policy without penalties for cloud-based services

Orlando's Premier IT Company: Your Complete Tech Solutions Hub

Managed IT Services

Streamline your tech operations and ensure regulatory compliance with the help of our expert managed IT services that always promise excellence.

IT Support Services

Rely on our 24/7 IT support services to assist you anytime, anywhere, perfect for teams across multiple time zones or those on shift work.


Protect your business from ransomware, phishing, and any other threat with our vigilant cybersecurity, advanced measures, and ongoing employee training.

IT Consulting

Leverage our IT consulting services for clear budgeting, attainable goals, and precise scope definition, all at a cost-effective fixed monthly fee.

Cloud Services

Simplify how you manage your IT workloads and connections by storing your business data on our secure, user-friendly, U.S.-based cloud server.

Network Monitoring

Prevent operational disruptions with our proactive 24/7 network monitoring identifying and fixing issues before anyone on your team even notices.

Virtual Desktops

Centralize data and applications to ensure a consistent work experience across devices and locations with our Azure-powered virtual desktops.

Application Hosting

Enhance your business operation with our application hosting, providing tailored solutions for QuickBooks, SaaS, and other client/server apps.

VoIP Services

Transform your business communication with our managed VoIP services, seamlessly handling all of your security, maintenance, and updates for you.


IT Company in Orlando, FL

100 E Pine St STE 110,
Orlando, FL 32801, United States


Sales: +1 407 955-5255

How ProSource’s Orlando IT Copmpany Offerings Will Help You

IT Company in Orlando, Florida

Easily Meet Your Compliance Standards!

Always having to verify that you meet compliance standards can be tiring, especially for the 91% of companies that must follow them.

ProSource is here to make compliance easy. 

We specialize in matching our services to meet your specific compliance needs. Just let us know what standards you need to meet, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our team has experience with:

  • NIST
  • FTC
  • CMMC

If your compliance standard isn’t listed, don’t worry. Our team has the skills to adapt to and meet any standard you require.

Stay Ahead & Stay Competitive

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced digital environment poses a significant challenge for many businesses.

Yet, 27% of companies view their digital transformation efforts as crucial to their survival.

ProSource understands—and offers the services you need to address these concerns.

Our professionals undergo continuous training to master the latest technologies and methodologies.

This dedication enables us to offer our clients IT solutions that meet and exceed the demands of the digital age.

IT company in Orlando
Orlando IT Company

Your Technology Services Should Make Practical Sense

Many IT companies push rigid, one-size-fits-all packages that fall short of addressing specific business needs. This mismatch not only wastes resources but also leaves potential security vulnerabilities unaddressed.

At ProSource, we recognize that your organization’s requirements are unique.

We pride ourselves on delivering a white-glove client experience, adapting our services to fit your precise needs.

That means the package you choose is just the beginning.

Request a 30-Minute Consultation

We promise we won’t waste your time. If we do, enjoy a free coffee!

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Orlando IT Company FAQs: Your Tech Questions Answered

Is ProSource Only For Small Businesses?

ProSource is not exclusively for small businesses. We primarily assist growing small and medium-sized businesses with 20 to 250 seats, but our services are not limited to this size range.

Businesses outside this scope are encouraged to reach out. Our technology solutions are custom-designed to support companies at various stages of growth, including yours.

Why Should I Hire ProSource If I Already Have an IT Department?

Hiring ProSource, even with an existing IT department, offers significant advantages. We complement your IT staff by collaborating with business leadership to initiate immediate IT transformation.

Our IT services bring expertise in advanced technologies, ensure 24/7 support, and enhance IT infrastructure management efficiency.

This collaboration enables your IT team to concentrate on strategic initiatives and innovation while we manage the daily operations.

Can I Work With ProSource If I’m Not Located in Central Florida?

You can work with ProSource regardless of your location, not just within Central Florida. We serve over 100 clients across the United States, including those with international staff.

We have a demonstrable ability to deliver exceptional IT service that extends beyond state lines, ensuring you receive the assistance you need wherever you are.

What Industries Does ProSource Serve?

ProSource serves clients from all industries, with a wealth of experience in healthcare, financial services, engineering, and manufacturing. However, our expertise extends beyond these fields.

We welcome businesses from any sector, providing customized IT solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your industry.

Our team is adept at quickly understanding and adapting to new industries, ensuring we can offer effective support and solutions.

Can I Adjust My Services If My Needs Change?

You can adjust your services with ProSource as your IT needs evolve, thanks to our consumption-based model.

This model offers the flexibility to scale your IT support up or down as your business changes. We tailor solutions to quickly meet new demands, ensuring your IT infrastructure aligns with your business goals.

Our approach enables cost-effective management of your IT services, providing you with the agility to respond to changes.