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Managed IT Services For Engineering

Keep Your Projects Running Smoothly By Optimizing The IT You Need

Minimize recurring issues, secure systems, and undertake digital transformation confidently with a certified team.

Why choose ProSource for your engineering firm’s managed IT services?

  • Focus on running your business with a team that provides the day-to-day and strategic IT support you need.
  • Migrate your data to our secure 100% U.S.-based cloud server to make it easier to access for everyone involved.
  • Give your late-night team the IT support they need with our 24/7 support desk that responds in 25 minutes.
  • Move forward faster by uploading up to 30 projects to our cloud server in as little as just 10 days.
  • Choose a managed IT provider that supports mass data storage and 3D visualization software.

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What Makes ProSource Stand Out

Uptime guarantee for cloud computing
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Featured IT Services

Day-to-Day IT Support

Maximize uptime and productivity when you hand over IT management to a certified team. We respond to issues in minutes and provide support like an in-house team.

Network Monitoring

Maintain optimal operational efficiency in your engineering projects with our 24/7 network monitoring preventing IT issues before they escalate.

IT Consulting

Plan your budget effectively with our fixed fee IT consulting services providing clear project scope definition and cost predictability. 

Cloud Services

Leverage the cloud to facilitate real-time data sharing so that everyone involved can access the latest project information when they need it.

Application Hosting

Streamline your operations with our specialized application hosting services, catering to QuickBooks, SaaS, and other client/server apps.

Compliance Support

Simplify compliance for your engineering projects by meeting strict regulatory standards with the help of our expert data management and security practices.

Remote Desktops

Centralize your data and applications by using our virtual desktops to provide a consistent work experience across all devices and locations.

Disaster Recovery

Secure your business operations by quickly restoring data using our tailored disaster recovery plans to ensure continuity under any circumstances.

Managed Cybersecurity

Protect your business from cyber threats such as ransomware and phishing with our managed cybersecurity and advanced security training.

How Your Engineering Firm Will Benefit

managed IT services

Optimize Resource Allocation for Large Projects

Managing large engineering projects often requires more technical expertise than is readily available. 77% of engineering firms report a shortage of skilled professionals which makes it harder to effectively allocate resources.

ProSource provides your firm with experienced IT management professionals who can fill some of these gaps. We can take over the IT side of things, so your best engineers can focus on the main project.

We can also help you optimize the use of your computational resources, ensuring you can handle the demands of large-scale projects more effectively.

Improve your project turnaround times and reduce overhead costs.

Enhance Data Management Even With Mass Volumes

Engineering firms often process and store vast amounts of data during simulations and analyses. Sometimes, this can create bottlenecks in data throughput, which may delay projects and reduce precision.

ProSource offers specialized support to improve your data management capabilities. We can assess your current data processing systems and recommend better ways to use them.

If we agree that a better system is needed, the ProSource team can assist in the IT procurement process. We’ll work with you to find a solution that best fits how you work without breaking your budget.

managed IT services for engineering
Managed IT Provider for Engineering Companies

Streamline Projects With Software Integrations

Engineers use an average of 5 different software tools for each work task. Manually transferring data between these tools can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

ProSoruce can help by integrating your software tools to create seamless workflows. These integrations can eliminate the need for manual data re-entry which reduces errors and saves valuable time.

As a result, your engineering workflows will become more efficient and you’ll be able to complete bigger projects in less time.

It’s time to remove the busywork and let your top engineers focus on project innovation and driving tangible results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Managed IT a Cost-Effective Choice For Engineering Companies?

Managed IT services offer cost savings for engineering companies by optimizing technology use and reducing the need for a large in-house IT team.

This setup enables more predictable budgeting and allows firms to reallocate resources to enhance other critical operations.

By outsourcing IT tasks, engineering companies can focus on their core activities while still benefiting from expert IT support.

How Can Outsourced Managed IT Service Support Remote Team Collaboration?

Managed IT services enhance remote team collaboration by providing and managing secure, efficient access to project data from any location.

This type of support is vital for engineering firms that manage multi-site projects. It ensures seamless communication and real-time data sharing among project team members, regardless of their physical locations.

Why is Outsourcing IT Management Helpful for Engineering Businesses?

Managed IT is valuable for engineering companies because providers can handle the heavy lifting of managing large files and complex software.

This allows your in-house team to focus on engineering tasks instead of tech problems.

Managed IT services ensure your computer systems and network run smoothly, which is essential for your daily operations.

How Can Managed IT Services Enhance Project Scalability?

Managed IT services enhance project scalability for engineering companies by providing scalable IT resources that adjust to project demands.

This flexibility supports engineering projects of varying sizes without the need for constant hardware upgrades or software updates.

As projects grow, we can dynamically allocate more resources. Your engineering teams will always have the necessary computational power and storage capacity.

Can Managed IT Services Improve Quality Assurance in Engineering Project Workflows?

Managed IT services improve quality assurance in engineering project workflows by ensuring that all technological processes run smoothly and consistently.

By managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, we can help prevent the downtime and technical glitches that can lead to errors in project delays.

This consistent reliability supports the precision necessary in engineering work.