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  • March 2006

    Leon Hart founds ProSource Technology Solutions (PSTS)

  • April 2010

    PSTS builds its own data center infrastructure from scratch

  • September 2021

    ProSource Technology Solutions rebrands as ProSource

  • Today

    Focusing on delivering great service and practical IT solutions

Accelerate Innovation with Managed IT: Scale Effortlessly, Avoid Burnout

It’s nearly impossible to stay at the bleeding edge of technology and keep up with the fast pace of today’s market if you’re trying to manage everything in-house.

Running a fully equipped IT department is enormously expensive, and if the necessary resources aren’t available, your employees could end up working overtime on projects they’re ill-equipped to deal with.

By having your computing infrastructure managed by a third party, you can enjoy access to a practically unlimited pool of resources on demand. This helps you scale faster and innovate without your team facing the risk of burnout.

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Strategically Managing Growth: Navigating Business Expansion with Agile Managed IT Solutions

Every business wants growth, but not every business is prepared to manage and nurture it. With business demands growing and a partnership flourishing, the ProSource and Power Grid teams were able to identify growth stage ceilings and create an agile strategy that allowed them to meet needs as they grew. And they grew. Meteorically.

“The strategic partnership really helped us improve uptime (and our billable hours). That was a milestone. Having your team come and hear our issues gave you the voice of the customer. Rather than just servicing and hosting from a standard slate, you developed a relationship that had you ingrained in our business. We were demanding, but we were growing and you grew to meet us. You served and advised us right. It was scalable technology designed to perform,” notes Glenn Durie, Principal Engineer/Co-Founder of Power Grid Engineering.

Up until the partnership with ProSource, too much time, money, and resources were lost to waiting on fixes for technical issues, time that could have been spent in production and manufacturing. When the pandemic hit, demand for hand sanitizer hit its peak and without ProSource’s assistance, Clarity Labs never would have been able to meet the increased demand. In fact, the vital infrastructure provided by ProSource enabled the company to grow from six to 20 employees over a two year period and leverage the technological improvements to attract larger companies, one of whom eventually acquired Clarity Labs.

In short, the partnership with ProSource helped this small manufacturing company handicapped by poor infrastructure and re-positioned them in the market, with the support of streamlined and efficient technology, enabling them to meet their goals in record time.

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From Startup to Industry Leader with Proactive IT Solutions

As a startup moving into the next stage of growth, Power Grid Engineering needed a partner who saw and understood their rate of growth and their potential as well. When they came to ProSource, their team collaboration meant heading to one person’s house with USB drives and portable files. They relied a lot on Dropbox.

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