Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions for Modern Challenges

Healthcare organizations face numerous technical challenges that require careful attention and robust solutions.

Make Sure Your IT Team is HIPAA-Ready

HIPAA has extensive training requirements concerning everyone who handles EMR, whether they work for a healthcare provider or their business associates. While HIPAA doesn’t specify how long training should be or the exact topics it should cover, it’s important to implement a regularly audited and documented training program. In the event of a breach, you may also be required to demonstrate that you made every reasonable effort to train your employees on the latest security standards. Training should cover information security, administrative measures, and social engineering awareness.

Transform Healthcare Tech Challenges into Cutting-Edge Opportunities

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Cybersecurity threats

Healthcare organizations are prime targets for cyberattacks due to the valuable patient data they possess. Protecting against ransomware, data breaches, phishing attacks, and other sophisticated cyber threats requires constant vigilance, advanced security measures, and employee training.

Data privacy & compliance

Healthcare organizations must adhere to strict regulations, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and other regional or country-specific laws. Ensuring patient data privacy, implementing secure data storage and transmission practices, and maintaining compliance with these regulations pose significant challenges.

Interop & integration

Healthcare systems often rely on multiple applications, software, and devices that need to communicate and share data seamlessly. Achieving interoperability and integration between various systems can be complex and time-consuming, hindering the efficient exchange of information and patient care coordination.

Legacy systems & infrastructure

Many healthcare organizations still rely on outdated or legacy systems that may lack the necessary security measures and hinder efficiency. Modernizing infrastructure, integrating new technologies, and ensuring system compatibility can be a major challenge.

Growth & performance

As healthcare organizations grow or face sudden surges in demand, their IT infrastructure needs to scale accordingly to handle increased data volume, system performance, and user access. Ensuring scalability while maintaining high levels of performance and availability can be a significant technical challenge.

Data analytics & insights

Healthcare organizations generate vast amounts of data, but deriving meaningful insights from that data can be a challenge. Implementing robust data analytics solutions, managing data quality and governance, and leveraging data-driven insights to improve patient outcomes require specialized expertise and resources.

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Adopt the principle of least privilege

While not specifically a requirement of HIPAA compliance, the principle of least privilege is a good strategy to adopt for greatly reducing your attack surface. This security model is based on the idea of granting only the permissions necessary to carry out a certain activity. In other words, unless an employee cannot do their job without access to a specific system, then they shouldn’t have access to it. Administrators should also retain the right to revoke access rights immediately from compromised accounts or devices or employees who have left the company. To add an extra layer of security, it’s also recommended that you implement two-factor authentication instead of relying entirely on passwords.

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