Six reasons why VMware Horizon is the best cloud delivery platform

A quick look into the technology that powers our cloud solution.

ProSource excels in solving complex business challenges using a strategic thought process and proven technologies. While many companies offer cloud hosting solutions, ProSource understands that every business need is different. Though many businesses strive for unrestricted access to their data, many do not realize the security and performance options available to them by their choice of cloud delivery software.

Cloud computing gives you access to various computing services on demand, but many issues can arise when you don’t have the correct expertise or time to configure the cloud properly.

With about 9 out of every 10 businesses reviewing some sort of cloud option, it is obvious that cloud hosting is here to stay. Below is a brief overview of our VMware Horizon platform and the reasons why it is superior to the average remote desktop cloud.

VMware Horizon managed cloud

Running your business in the cloud gives employees access to various enterprise features, including storage, applications, services and databases. However, most companies lack the expertise needed to design, configure, and manage a robust cloud workspace — that’s where we come in. A ProSource sales engineer and customer success manager will:

  • Consult with your stakeholders to craft the right cloud solution for your business.
  • Configure and design your specific cloud workspace.
  • Connect with your third-party vendors to ensure proper set up and connection.

What can VMware Horizon offer your company?

1. User experience

In an ever-evolving world, and especially a pandemic-stricken one, the need for employees to access company data at any given time is more critical than ever. VMware Horizon delivers an immersive, feature-rich user experience across all devices, locations, and network connections. The Horizon Client offers the same cloud experience to your users on any device, anywhere.

2. Scalability

Since migrating to the cloud reduces or eliminates the need for on-premise hardware, our cloud platform allows you to quickly scale up or down. Not only does this reduce IT infrastructure costs, but it also simplifies employee onboarding and offboarding.

3. Predictable expenses

There is no need to over-pay for IT management. According to Gartner, companies are predicted to spend over 28% of cloud budgets on cloud-related services. With our managed cloud platform, you pay a flat monthly fee, allowing you to stay on budget and curb hidden fees.

4. Reliability

Your data and environment run around the clock, and our team of engineers monitor your servers 24/7/365. We built our data center to N+1 redundancy. N+1 redundancy means that a facility has the capacity needed to run a full cloud workload with an additional component to account for failure or maintenance. We work diligently to reduce downtime. If there is a rare malfunction, users can depend on our US-based support team.

5. Security

We’re obsessed with security. That’s why we secured our cloud with best-in-class hardware and software that align with industry standards. Some key points are listed below:

  • SSAE-18/SOC1 certified data center
  • DUO Multi-Factor Authentication for all cloud users
  • GeoIP Filtering, Intrusion Prevention & Gateway Anti-Virus
  • Best-in-class server security
  • Nightly backups with a 14-day retention policy
  • Encryption in transit and at rest

6. Data integrity and compliance adherence

Choosing a cloud provider that meets your data protection and compliance requirements is critical. Our sales engineers can tailor an effective strategy to your industry- or organization-specific needs and provide recommendations for your data, applications and compliance features.

Our managed cloud platform includes two-weeks of nightly backups. As a certified reseller and service provider for Veeam, our team has the expertise to easily layer in offsite backups to another cloud provider or even your local office.

All of the benefits, none of the headache

Leveraging VMware Horizon for your business takes significant capital investment and technical expertise. We believe small and medium businesses can reap the advantages of this enterprise technology by partnering with us. Our client onboarding is a breeze. Briefly, here is how it works:

  1. You decide what your business needs from cloud hosting, taking into consideration your security needs and budget.
  2. With the support of your dedicated Client Success Manager, you pick the right cloud services for your business.
  3. We set up a phased migration plan and connect with your third-party applications for a successful and 5-star customer service experience.
  4. Offer training packages and ongoing US-based support to your employees.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us to schedule a free demo of our managed cloud platform.