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Meet the team that pairs best-in-class technology with sincere client partnership.

Our mission

To enable businesses with secure, scalable solutions that empower people to achieve exceptional outcomes.

  • March 2006

    Leon Hart founds ProSource Technology Solutions (PSTS)

  • April 2010

    PSTS builds its own data center infrastructure from scratch

  • September 2021

    ProSource Technology Solutions rebrands as ProSource

  • Today

    Focusing on delivering great service and practical IT solutions

Our Approach: Delivering IT Excellence

We believe our values differentiate us from others. Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team.

Say hello!

Our first step to supporting your success with solutions is getting to know you—specifically, the challenges your business is facing right now. Once we understand your obstacles and business model, we look at your end goals.

Develop Your IT Strategy

In order to know where we are going, we have to know where to start. Based on your current business needs and priorities, we collaborate with your team to create a go-forward plan that aligns with the future you want.

Implement the Strategy

It’s go time! Together, we align your business with the right technology strategies to ensure we move forward fast, achieving your end goals and supercharging your business for sustainable growth.

Meet our growing team of IT experts

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Keith Lucier

Solutions Engineer III

Conner Hart

Solutions Engineer II

Matthew Mulchay

Director, Business Development

Alexander Mitchell

Solutions Engineer I

Shannon Rhoads

Manager, Finance & Administration

Joshua Holaday

Service Desk Manager

Leon Hart

President & CEO

Eric Martinez

Solutions Engineer I

Jackie Hart

Human Resources


Chief “Pup”erations Officer

Do what you say

Honor commitments
We are only as good as our word. This is foundational and critically important to building rapport and respect with our peers and customers.

Be respectful
We listen and act with humility and integrity in all we do. How we say something matters more than what was said. Everyone deserves a kind word and a respectful tone.

Know when to say no

Set expectations
No one likes to be disappointed. We know our limits and communicate clearly. If there is something we do not know or cannot do, we are honest with ourselves and our clients to find a better result.

Don’t overcommit
We strive to overdeliver and are careful to never overpromise. We pace ourselves, keep our word, and meet our obligations.

Be a team player

Nothing is beneath you
Service is our cornerstone. We are willing to sweep the floors and go the extra mile to ensure success.

We rise and fall together
We learn from our mistakes and do what’s right for our customers and our peers. We practice blameless problem solving and celebrate successes together.

Never be satisfied

Relentlessly improve
Be better today than you were yesterday. We are always tuning our skills, learning something new, and looking for the best outcome in every situation.

Find a way
We battle adversity with curiosity and are not afraid to be bold. We get the help we need to ensure success and discard defeat with a passion to improve.

Be open-minded

Perception is reality
We listen to understand and are open to critical and honest feedback. What we say and how we act directly affect outcomes and, more importantly, relationships.

Don’t be afraid of change
Our thinking must evolve with the world around us. We find strength in our differences to achieve better results.

Believe in yourself

Be confident, not arrogant
Be courageous and temper confidence with humility. Value the opinion of others without indulging in self pride.

Be the difference
Details separate the exceptional from the average. You are what our clients will remember about us.

Be intentional

Measure twice, cut once
Be attentive to details that matter. We don’t cut corners and we always ensure results match the intended outcome.

Quality stands alone
Results speak for themselves. Always work with a purpose to deliver your best.

Enjoy what you do

Take time to recharge
Work hard, play hard. All things must have balance to thrive. We take time to reflect and recalibrate.

Don’t take yourself too seriously
Happiness changes results. We laugh often and find levity in all we do.

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